Pain management.

Metropolitan Family Practice is now offering patients non-invasive and nonsurgical management of acute and chronic pain.  Through the latest scientific advancement in bio-electric medicine and horizontal therapy, and the best of German engineering comes technology geared toward pain resolution.  Treatments are safe, effective and non-toxic.  By stimulating peripheral nerves, increasing circulation to affected areas, promoting muscle relaxation, and the mobilization of both soft tissues and lymphatic fluid, treatments allow the body to heal naturally.  The stimulation of nerves in the areas of pain decrease the ability of those nerves and surrounding nerves to conduct pain.  The muscle relaxation that occurs allows for restoration of normal physiologic motion.  Clinical usage includes:  stimulation of peripheral nerves for the purpose of providing pain relief and to stimulate motor nerves for the purpose of providing muscle re-education, treating chronic pain conditions, adjunctive treatment of post-traumatic pain, relaxation of muscle spasms, prevention or retardation of disuse atrophy, and maintaining and increasing range of motion.  Clink on link to learn more.  BIOELECTRIC THERAPY.