Your Primary Care Physicians at Metropolitan Family Practice, P.A. want you and your family to be aware and informed on the latest information regarding the Coronavirus or Covid-19 Pandemic that we are all facing as a community. We have attached a link to the website which has the most current information and updates available. The local Metro Health District is also a good source of information. We currently are pre-screening all of our patients with flu-like symptoms prior to making appointments so we can refer patients that need further evaluation of the Covid-19 to the proper facilities. A positive screen would be a patient with a fever and respiratory illness that has recently traveled to affected areas, have been in contact with a confirmed case of Covid-19 and/or have a fever and severe respiratory illness. If you have a severe respiratory illness, please go to your closest emergency room. We hope you and your family stay healthy and strong during this troubling time and as always we are always here to help. Thank you.

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