Telephone Calls
  We welcome telephone calls concerning medications and health related matters.  Please realize that it is not always possible to practice responsible medicine over the phone without the benefit of seeing the patient. When you call, please give the receptionist your name and telephone number.  Telephone calls will be returned as soon as possible, but we must give primary consideration to those patients who are actually in the office to be seen.  After hour calls are necessary for urgent problems.  For Emergencies however, do not call the office.  Contact 911 immediately!  For urgent problems that cannot wait until the office is open, simply call the office number, 227-9214, and you will be directed to the physician on call.  We will not accept after hour phone calls for medication refills, appointments or other routine office questions.  A discretionary charge for after hours calls may be incurred. When you call for TEST RESULTS, please allow 24-48 hours for a return call.  This allows time for the chart to be pulled, results to be filed and physician interpretation.