Payment Policies
  To keep the care that we provide to you and your family affordable we expect that you pay for services at the time they are rendered.  Patients with insurance requiring a co-pay must pay upon arrival in accordance with their plan.  As a benefit to our patients we accept 90% of all insurance plans serving San Antonio. Most fees will be billed to your insurance carrier.  However, the contract for services is between you and Metropolitan Family Practice, P.A.  Your insurance policy is between you and your insurance company.  As such,  you are responsible for services for which your insurance cannot or will not pay.  If your insurance company delays payment for over two months, we look to you, our patient, to clear the balance. There are many different insurance companies and one company can have multiple plans.  It is nearly impossible for the office staff to know the details of all health plans.  Therefore, we appreciate and encourage your knowledge and participation in working with your health insurance plan.  The more participation we receive from our patients, the better we are able to support you and deliver cost effective care.